Surface finishes

It is often forgotten that the floor represents not only the first visual communication after entering the space but also a tactile one, which is very important for some treatments. In addition to sanding, Brushing is a special type of floor treatment that uses special metal brushes to brush the soft parts of the wood and emphasize the structure of the wood, i.e. the years and naturalness of the wood stand out. The folded edges have an additional aesthetic and practical function. In addition to brushing, another “relief” process is very popular – manual planning. It manifests itself in the form of smaller or larger waves on the parquet surface that can be felt even in shoes.

Particularly interesting processing is carving and smoking, which is achieved in several ways with different colors, intentional mechanical damage to create the impression of wear and tear, and even the effect of a wormhole in the wood can be achieved.

Brušenje drveta, Gotovi Parket - Dvoslojni i Troslojni Gotovi Parketi


Površinska obrada četkanje drveta


Površinska obrada narezivanje


Površinska obrada hoblanje drveta


Površinska obrada dimljenje drveta